Has the bank denied you of a loan? Do you have bad credit or a bad credit score? Can't borrow money from family members because they themselves are poor as well? Then it's about time you availed of a low interest loan in the United Kingdom. This type of loan allows the borrower numerous benefits and enables him to pay for the full amount without going overboard with the interest rate (that is, he won't end up paying for twice or thrice the amount he borrowed). One way of doing this is to avail of a fast cash loan that doesn't care if you have bad credit and will be paid back through your paycheck at the end of the month or every fifteen days (hence its other name, the cash advance loan).

Secured by Collateral

* The downside of the fast cash loan is that if you fail to pay for it immediately, the low interest rate (of almost zero) will become a high one due to the additional late fees and whatnot. If you're not absolutely sure you can pay for that loan ASAP or as soon as your check clears from the company you're working for, it's better to look into other means of lending. It might be time to secure a loan with collateral.

* You can use any of your assets or possessions for collateral, such as a vehicle, home, or a valuable heirloom. Valuable property or real estate can also be used for collateral purposes that serve as your assurance to the lender that you're good with the money and that if you do default on your loan they have something to take away from you or to get from the botched loan.

* The low interest of the loan and the fact that even if you have bad credit you can get it is encouragement or incentive for people to avail of this loan. The more valuable your collateral, the more money you can save on interest payments when all is said and done (since interest rates themselves are a type of assurance for lenders that they will get their money back soon, since interest just builds up the longer you delay your payment).